Sketch Master Ad-Free

Sketch Master Ad-Free

You can pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from your camera to generate different sketch effects. Features include but not limited to :

  1. Pencil sketches with fine contours
  2. Pencil style cross-hatching effect
  3. Doodle style with thin and sharp contours
  4. Brush Stroke style
  5. Half-tone sketches
  6. All the styles support both black-white and color versions
  7. A bulit-in photo editor which includes many useful tools such as drawing, saturation adjustment, filter effects, etc.
  8. Saving images can be done quickly by a single touch of a button
  9. Sharing pics are also supported. Photos can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Message, etc.

There is a simple doodle board included in the app, and you can pick a canvas to start drawing some simple pictures. Colors, texts and different line strokes are available for you to select as well.

What’s New :

Update photo editor


  • Sketch Master Pro Screenshot
  • Sketch Master Pro Screenshot


Sketch Master Ad-Free v2.2 [Paid] / Mirror

Sketch Master Ad-Free v1.7 [Paid] / Mirror